Using a Wood Bed Tray will offer you better convenience. It comes in a functional design and can hold your food and other items. You can even use it to keep your laptop or books. A wooden bed tray has environmentally friendly construction, and it is easy to use. It offers you many options as you can easily use it on the bed or the floor. With it, you can have comfort, and it is in a multifunctional design.

Not all wooden bed trays have the same features. It can vary accordingly, and you will have to see if it suits your purpose. Here are the top 10 best wooden bed trays by our team that will offer you many options. You can easily choose from different designs and get the one according to your requirements.


Top 10 Best Wood Bed Tray Reviews

10-Pipishell Bamboo Table

Bamboo Bed Tray Table With Foldable Legs

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This wood bed tray comes with inbuilt hollowed-out handles for easy portability. The bed tray also helps bedridden people to have comfortable meals. Moreover, this sustainable bamboo-derived construction works as naturally antimicrobial. Hence, you can safely use this bed table for your children. However, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from the surface.

You can also serve this tray as a laptop desk. Furthermore, the raised lips prevent your belongings from sliding. You can fold the legs of this tray when not in use. Nevertheless, the water-resistant coating makes this bed tray exceptionally durable. The tabletop holds a dinner plate with a maximum diameter of 10-inch.


  • Multi-purpose design and maintainable.
  • Environment-friendly design and easily transferable.
  • Space-efficient design and effortlessly storable.

9-Zhuoyue Bamboo Bed Tray

Zhuoyue Bamboo Bed Tray with Folding Legs

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This wood bed tray makes cleaning trouble-free for homemakers. The pure bamboo construction makes this bed table exceptionally eco-friendly. The folding legs let you store this table without wasting excessive floor space. Moreover, the bamboo construction makes this tray naturally antimicrobial. However, the water-resistant coating ensures the durability of this serving tray.

The raised edges also keep your food safe from sliding off. Furthermore, this multifunctional wooden tray serves as a laptop desk for individuals. You can comfortably read or write on this portable table. Nevertheless, you can wipe off the dirt from the surface of this bed tray. The beautiful, smooth finish makes this bed table look sophisticated. You can use this tray on beds, sofas, and couches.


  • Versatile application design with superior comfort.
  • Easy installable design and multifunctional.
  • Spill-proof design with enhanced durability.

8-Rossie Home Media Bed Tray

Rossie Home Media Bed Tray

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The natural bamboo accent makes this wood bed tray look undeniably sober. This bed table also comes along with folding legs. Therefore, you can place this tray under the bed when not in use. Moreover, the serving tray has an integrated media tray. You can watch web series hands-freely while enjoying your meal. The hollowed-out handles offer a comfortable grip for everyone.

You can also use this serving tray to keep your electronic devices. The spacious tabletop can accommodate up to a laptop up to 17.3-inch. Furthermore, the media bar holder accommodates a tablet and a smartphone. However, the front tray lip keeps the devices safe against sliding.


  • Biodegradable material with superior comfort.
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced durability.
  • Long-lasting, premium grade material.


OLIVIA & AIDEN Bed Tray Table and Laptop Desk

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This wood bed tray comes with a functional, detachable computer holder. The serving tray also accommodates a laptop up to 15.6-inch. Moreover, this serving tray comes along with five quickly adjustable slots. Hence, you can flexibly customize the height for different purposes. You can use this tray for reading books and working on laptops.

This portable bed tray has the construction of durable bamboo. Furthermore, this lap desk is perfect to use on sofas and couches. You can use this serving tray for people of different ages. However, the smoother wooden top makes cleaning and maintenance trouble-free. This portable desk has a raised edge to prevent your devices from sliding. However, you can tilt the tabletop accordingly.


  • Ergonomic design with enhanced modifiable features.
  • Easy weight design and effortlessly transferable.
  • Advanced functional design and user-friendly.

6-Greenco Foldable Bamboo Serving Tray

Greenco Foldable Bamboo Breakfast Table Serving Tray

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This rectangular-shaped wood bed tray folds down into a compact gear. This bed table is also suitable to serve food for senior people. Moreover, the natural bamboo construction ensures the durability of this lap desk. The raised borders keep your trays and devices safe from falling. Nevertheless, this serving tray comes with folding legs for your convenience.

This tray is perfect for serving four meals a day for patients. The bamboo desk requires only bamboo oil treatment rarely. Furthermore, this tray works best as the lap desk for lazy afternoons. Nevertheless, this sophisticated piece of furniture looks almost everywhere. The hollowed-out handles make carrying trouble-free for meal servers.


  • Advanced application design and easily maintainable.
  • Collapsible design with improved mobility and storage.
  • Durable construction with improved load capacity.

5-Winsome Alden Wood Bed Tray

Winsome Alden Bed Tray, Walnut

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The beautiful walnut finish enhances the beauty of this bed tray. This breakfast tray also involves the construction of durable composite wood. Moreover, the sectioned tabletop makes this tray remarkably functional. You can adjust the angle of the laptop tray accordingly. However, the edged lip protects your devices from sliding off. A side drawer lets you store your small items.

The flip-top design also makes this bed table the best lap desk. The pre-assembled parts make this wood bed tray exceptionally perfect for everyone. This bed table is suitable to place on your sofas and couches. Furthermore, the antique walnut finish makes this tray look classy.


  • Modifiable design and effortlessly maintainable.
  • Space-saving foldaway construction and easily transferable.
  • Spacious design with improved storage area.

4-Home-it Wood Bed Tray table

Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs

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This bamboo-derived construction ensures structural stability. Moreover, the tray works as the best breakfast tray for children. You can also have your dinner or breakfast on the bed. Nevertheless, the 3-inch thick bed tray keeps your storeroom clutter-free. When you are out of need, you can fold down this wood bed tray compactly.

This serving tray for beds also serves as a laptop desk. Furthermore, hollowed-out handles are always handy. Therefore, you can carry this bed table to rooms without any hassle. You can use mild soapy water to keep this lap desk clean. You can fold the legs to use it as regular trays. The simplistic design makes this bed table more of a functional piece.


  • Advanced functional design and easily transferable.
  • Premium grade material with enhanced durability.
  • Easy to store design and highly maintainable.

3-urbenfit Bed Wood Bed Tray

urbenfit Bed Tray Table Bamboo Portable Lightweight Breakfast Serving Trays with Folding Legs

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The minimalist design makes this wood bed tray quite functional. The wood tray has the construction of eco-friendly bamboo. Moreover, this breakfast tray comes with four folding legs. Hence, you can place this tray under your bed when not in use. The natural bamboo smell makes this tray exceptionally cozy for individuals. Nevertheless, the large platform holds plenty of food at once.

The raised edges prevent your food from falling off. Furthermore, you can use this tray as a laptop desk for beds. This serving tray comes with hollowed out handles. Therefore, you can carry this tray without any difficulty. The slim-profile folding tray does not consume excessive space in your storeroom.


  • Multi-purpose design and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sturdy material with enhanced sturdiness.
  • Easy weight design and effortlessly transferable.

2-Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table

Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table

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This multifunctional bed tray makes your work-from-home days cozy. The classic wooden construction is itself an attention grabber. Moreover, the bamboo construction makes this tray naturally antimicrobial. You can use this tray as a lap desk for beds, sofas, and couches. This bamboo-derived wood bed tray is a thoughtful alternative to plastic ones.

This hospital serving tray is suitable for reading, writing, and more. The folding legs let you fold and store away when not in use. This lightweight lap desk has hollowed out handles to offer stress-free transportability. Furthermore, the detachable media slot lets you hands-freely enjoy your web series. However, you can place a laptop up to 16-inch on this laptop desk.


  • Ergonomic design with enhanced longevity.
  • Advanced application design and cost-efficient.
  • Environment-friendly design with enhanced comfort.

1-BirdRock Home

BirdRock Home Wood Bed Tray with Folding Legs

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This breakfast tray has a classic rustic finish. The broad surface lets you place trays, cups, magazines without any trouble. Moreover, the wood bed tray comes with folding angled legs. Hence, these legs let you store this tray under the bed. This lightweight bed tray comes with hollowed out handles. You can carry this tray without stressing your arms.

This tray table also lets you use iPads and other devices with ease. Furthermore, you can use this tray for working on the laptops. The elegant design makes this wooden lap desk look sober and functional. Nevertheless, the rubber feet protect your delicate bedding from abrasions. This tray lets you have tea on the bed without any risk.


  • Ergonomically designed handles for effortless mobility.
  • Easily maintainable design and long-lasting material.
  • Universal use design and cost-effectiveness.


While buying a wooden bed tray, you will have to see if it is composed of premium quality wood so that you can use it for a long time. Make sure that it has a stable structure so that there can be reliable performance. Look at the design, and it must accommodate all your important accessories. You will also find the one that can come with adjustable height. It must have a high weight capacity and come with separate slots for pens and books.

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