If you are looking to have the right support while walking use Quad Canes, then you can make use of a quad cane. It comes in a highly functional design and offers great support to people who require assistance while walking. It is easy to use and make sure there will be efficient performance. A quad cane has high-quality construction, and you can even use it while recovering from surgery or injury. It has a contoured handle and can comfortably support higher body weights.

When you think of having a quad cane, then you will have to keep several factors in mind. It can range from weight capacity to the overall design. To make sure that you get the right product, our team has handpicked the top 10 best quad canes.


Top 10 Best Quad Canes Reviews

10-RMS Quad Canes

RMS Quad Cane - Adjustable Walking Cane with 4-Pronged

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This aluminum-derived construction makes this quad cane ultra-durable. Nevertheless, the foam-padded handle also keeps your arms pain and fatigue-free.

Moreover, the structure of this assistive device withstands up to 250-lbs of weight. The quad base assures the stability of this walking stick. The four-prong base comes along with four rubber-tipped legs.

The stand-to-sit stick also assists people to sit or stand with ease. Furthermore, the adjustable base lets you rotate this stick at a 180-degree angle. Therefore, both lefties and righties can use this walking stick. You can adjust the length of this cane from 28 to 37-inch. However, the soft foam handle keeps your palms pain and fatigue-free.


  • Ergonomic design for enhanced stability.
  • Corrosion proof design with improved durability.
  • Slip-resistant design with superior grip.

9-Vive Quad Canes

Vive Quad Cane - Walking Stick for Men and Women

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This walking stick is suitable for people of different heights. However, women and men can safely use this quad cane. Moreover, the small base consists of four pieces of legs. These legs come with rubber tips to ensure stability. Nevertheless, the walking stick comes with the construction of lightweight anodized-aluminum material. This material never usually catches rust and corrosion.

However, the ergonomic design also makes this stick comfortable for all. You can customize the length of this assistive device up to 37-inch. Furthermore, the four-pronged base allows you to switch the directions accordingly. The slip-resistant rubber tips keep you stable on different grounds. Nevertheless, the structure holds up to 250-pounds of weight.


  • Ergonomically designed grip with enhanced safety.
  • Quad-dynamic base with improved strength and stability.
  • Slip-resistant design and rust-proof.

8-PCP Riser Quad Canes

PCP Easy Riser Quad Cane, Two Handle

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The curved frame structure makes this quad cane comfortable for senior people. Nevertheless, the dual handgrips come with foam padding. Hence, the dual slip-resistant traction grips assure the stability of individuals. The sit-to-stand design also helps people to stand without the assistance of others. Moreover, the durable metal construction ensures the durability of this assistive device.

This cane is also suitable for limited mobility people. Furthermore, the slip-resistant traction grip ensures safety for users. The curved top section lets people stand and sit with ease. However, this assistive device makes lifting your body trouble-free. The handgrips allow you to put your weight in the middle of this stick. This walking stick comes with a slip-resistant rubber cap.


  • Ergonomic design with highly modifiable features.
  • Rubberized base with enhanced stability.
  • Versatile use design with enhanced compatibility.

7-Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use, Black, Small Base

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This quad cane is suitable for people from 5 to 6.5-feet in height. The small base design also makes this cane exceptionally functional. The rubber caps assure the stability of this walking stick. However, this assistive device has the construction of heavy-duty aluminum material. This mobility aid withstands up to 300-lbs of weight. You will require no assembly to use this assistive device.

Flared rubber tips also improve traction. Hence, you can put every step with stability. Furthermore, medical equipment has a push button. You can adjust the length up to eleven levels. Nevertheless, the rubber tips keep you stable on any surface. The four-point base keeps this walking stick stable all the time.


  • Dynamic design with enhanced safety features.
  • Sturdy construction with the improved weight capacity.
  • Enhanced modifiable design with added comfort.

6-HurryCane Freedom Folding Cane

HurryCane HCANE-BK-C2 Freedom Edition Folding Cane with T Handle, Original Black

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The T-handle design lets you have a good grip over this quad cane. This cane also comes with a heavy-duty aluminum material construction. However, this aluminum material does not usually deform. The powder-coated finish ensures durability and makes this stick rustproof. Moreover, the walking stick holds up to 350-pounds of weight. You can adjust the height from 30.5 to 37.5-inch.

The stabilizing technology also lets you increase the traction. You can firmly place your feet on the ground by using this stick. Furthermore, the rubber feet keep this cane wobble-free on any surface. This walking stick is suitable for short and tall people as well. Nevertheless, the assistive device folds down into a compact gear.


  • Multi-functional design with improved durability.
  • Collapsible construction and easily storable design.
  • Sturdy slip-resistant base with enhanced safety features.

5-Ez2care Adjustable Folding Quad Cane

Ez2care Adjustable Folding Quad Cane

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The adjustable folding structure makes this quad cane extremely practical. However, the anodized-aluminum material ensures the durability of this stick. The universal design makes this assistive device suitable for left and right-handed users. You can customize the length of this cane from 29 to 37-inch. Moreover, the dual-side snap design lets users use this stick with comfort.

The cane strap helps you to carry this stick without any hassle. You can press the knob to change the directions of the handles. Furthermore, the walking stick is capable of taking a load of 250-pounds. However, the contoured handle enhances everyone’s comfort. The foam handle feels soft and skin-friendly on your skin.


  • Dynamic construction with superior support.
  • Superior grip handle and highly maneuverable.
  • Advanced design with enhanced flexibility.

4-NOVA Quad Cane

NOVA Heavy Duty Quad Cane, 500 lb. Weight Capacity Four Legged Walking Cane

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This quad cane comes with a maximum diameter of 7/8-inch. The assistive device also has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 500-lbs. Moreover, the tubular aluminum material makes this stick super-light. You can customize the height of this cane from 4.11 to 6.4-feet. The four-pronged legs have rubber caps. Hence, these feet keep this stick stable under any circumstance.

The hardwearing plastic handle also offers a comfortable grip over this cane. Furthermore, the push button lets you adjust the height accordingly. The rubber tips prevent the risks of slipping. Nevertheless, the plastic handle keeps your wrists free from impacts and strains. The rattle-free lock keeps the stick steady at any length.


  • Superior grade material with the maximum weight capacity.
  • Dynamic design with improved resistant features.
  • Easily modifiable design and effortlessly maintainable.

3-HealthSmart Quad Cane

HealthSmart Quad Cane, Sit To Stand Walker

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The stylish-looking quad cane comes with a classic matte black finish. The lightweight aluminum material also does not make this walking stick bulky. Moreover, the foam handles keep your palms and elbows fatigue-free. This cane works as the best sit-to-stand stick. Therefore, you will never need assistance for standing. Nevertheless, you can raise the height of this walking stick to 38-inch.

The slip-resistant rubber feet also keep the stable cane in any condition. Furthermore, this cane can take a load up to 250-pounds. The handle of this cane is either standard or round shaped. Nevertheless, the four feet equally distribute your body weight. You can firmly step your feet by using this stick.


  • Ergonomic grip design with improved support.
  • Rust-proof design and long-lasting.
  • Dynamic construction with superior performance.

2-Carex Quad Cane

Carex Quad Cane with Small Base - Quad Walking Cane

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The medical-grade aluminum material construction makes this stick exceptionally lightweight. However, the frame seems to be sturdy and well built. Hence, men and women can use this walking stick without the assistance of others. This stick withstands a weight of up to 250-lbs. Moreover, this quad cane has a broad base. However, the rubber caps on this base keep your floor space scratch-free.

The adaptable design makes this cane suitable for lefties and righties. Furthermore, the padded, slip-resistant handle offers a comfortable grip to everyone. You can customize the length of this cane up to 37-inch. Nevertheless, this assistive device keeps your spine straight while walking. The rubber feet make your movement silent as well.


  • Advanced mechanism with enhanced modifiable features.
  • Anti-slip mechanism with enhanced safety.
  • Easy weight design and effortlessly transferable.

1-Bariatric Quad Cane by Invacare

Bariatric Quad Cane by Invacare

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This quad cane has a comfortable PVC contoured handgrip. The walking stick also withstands pressure up to 500-lbs. People within the height range of 4.11 to 6.5-feet can use this stick. Moreover, the height-adjustable function makes this cane exceptional functional for individuals. The walking stick has the construction of hardwearing yet lightweight steel material. Nevertheless, the powder-coated finish assures the durability of this cane.

The twist-locking ring lets you securely adjust the height of this stick. Furthermore, the small size of the base takes lesser space in your room. You can customize the length according to the height of individuals. The locking ring assures the stability of this stick at any condition. However, the rubber feet keep your delicate floor space undamaged.


  • Modifiable construction with superior grip.
  • Anti-rust coating with added resistant features.
  • Skid-proof design and improved safety dynamics.


Always go for the one that has a high weight capacity. You can see if it comes with an adjustable height system making it suitable for people of different sizes. For exceptional performance, see if it helps to absorb shocks and bumps. Select the one that is in a durable design so that there can be value for money. It must deliver reliable performance and have a slip-resistant bottom. You need to go for the one that is easy to use and comes with better ergonomics.

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