If you are living in an area where power cut is a common occurrence, you need to have an alternate source of power Portable Generators. You can buy an inverter for your home but there would be times when you will need a power source. That is where a generator will be useful as you can carry it with you wherever you go and get a power source to light up appliances.

There are different types of portable generators available with different capacities and other parameters. We have tried to enlist a variety of these portable generators for users with different requirements. Here is the list of the top 10 best portable generators and you should check and compare all before purchasing.


Top 10 Best Portable Generators Reviews

10-Pulsar Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel

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This portable generator comes along with a hose for propane fuel filling. The dual-fuel generator also comes with a pair of rubber wheels. Moreover, this generator has a 1200-watt of peak power. This equipment also comes with an automatic low-oil shut-off sensor. Therefore, this generator prevents fuel wastage. This system consists of an 8-gallon fuel tank.

The drop-down handles also help you to transport this model with ease. The multiple 120, 240-volt twist-lock outlets increase the functionality of this generator. Furthermore, the 10-inch flat-free wheels make maneuverability trouble-free. You can efficiently use this generator for almost 12-hours. You can use propane or gasoline as a fuel for this model.


  • Advanced economical design for comfort.
  • Enhanced sturdy caster for effortless transferability.
  • Multi-fuel injector system for performance.

9-Westinghouse Portable Generators

Westinghouse WGen7500

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The hefty, flat-free rubber tires let you smoothly roll this portable generator. The equipment also has a 9500-watt peak power. This system comes with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Hence, you can use this generator for most of the household appliances. Moreover, the equipment runs with a maximum operational noise level of 72-dBA.

This generator also comes with both recoil and electric starting options. Furthermore, the power producer includes 120 and 240-volt household duplex receptacles. These outlets come with a rubber coating to ensure safety. This generator usually runs for almost 11-hours. The plug-n-play system includes a shut-off sensor for the low-fuel condition. This generator comes with a fuel tank with a 6.6-gallon tank.


  • Dynamic auto-control functions for comfort.
  • Easy maneuverable and maintainable design for satisfaction.
  • Advanced safety design for a comfortable experience.

8-Champion Power Equipment Portable Generators

Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel

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The tubular steel frame makes this generator exceptional robust. Hence, the smooth-rolling wheels and steel frame make transportation comfortable for individuals. Moreover, this power producer also comes with the starting power of 9375-watt. The generator consists of a 1.2-quart tank. Therefore, you can fill this tank either with propane and or gasoline gas.

The dual-fuel model also has the running watt of 7500-watt. You can use this portable generator for running household appliances. Furthermore, the simple monitor shows the real-time voltage usage and more. The inbuilt surge protector keeps the generator protected from overloading. This generator supports a smoother electric starter. The dynamo has an automatic low-oil shut-off sensor for safety.


  • Easy weight and versatile design for satisfaction.
  • Easy setup and durable material for long-lasting performance.
  • Highly maintainable and resistive design.

7-DuroMax Dual Fuel Electric Portable Generators

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

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This portable generator comes with two huge, flat-free tread rubber wheels. With the starting watt of 12000-watt, the equipment also retains enough power. Hence, this generator produces up to 9500-watt of running power. Moreover, you can use this power provider to run a refrigerator. The lower RPM function saves the power of this generator.

This idle controller also prevents fuel wastage. Furthermore, this model consists of a powerful 18-horsepower engine. Therefore, this high-amp system can run a home air-conditioning system. This dual-fuel model emits no toxic fumes during operation. The system consists of powerful 120-volt receptacles. Hence, this generator operates with 120 and 240-volt systems. You can use propane or gasoline to make this model work.


  • Advanced-grade mechanism for superior performance.
  • Multi-application design for added comfort.
  • Highly durable material of long-lasting experience.

6-Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator 500W 288WH UPS

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The dual-fuel portable generator is a perfect backup for sudden power outages. This model also includes 120-volt AC, twist-lock, and 12-volt DC outlets. Moreover, the electric-start function makes this generator exceptionally efficient. Hence, you can start this model in no time. The equipment consists of flat-free wheels. Therefore, you can start this model without the assistance of other tools.

This generator also comes along with an hour meter. Furthermore, the machine has a 459CC OHV air-cooled engine. Hence, the generator runs smoothly without producing excessive heat. The 9000-watt gas-fuel generator is suitable for various DIY projects. This system supports both electric and recoiling starting. The fuel tank holds up to 8-gallons of fuel.


  • Easy operational and preservable design for longevity.
  • Enhanced transferable design for versatile use.
  • High-performance mechanism for satisfaction.

5-Champion Power Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment

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Equipped with two rubber wheels, this powerful generator runs smoothly on different grounds. The inbuilt surge protector also ensures the protection of the equipment. Moreover, the dual-fuel portable generator runs on propane or gasoline gas. Hence, this model lets users use this generator without any hassle. This generator is compatible with the air-conditioning system of your RVs.

The push-button start also increases the functionality of the equipment. However, the generator comes along with a battery. Furthermore, the digital meter of this system includes three different modes. You can use this model for RVs, DIY projects, and other purposes. This generator works as the best secondary power source for residence.


  • Highly economical design for a comfortable experience.
  • Improved mechanism for superior performance.
  • Dynamic safety mechanism for overall satisfaction.

4-Cat Gas Powered Portable Generator

Cat RP7500E Gas Powered Portable Generator

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The EPA-complaint portable generator is another word for safety. You can safely use this model for activating your recreation vehicle interior. Moreover, the gas-powered generator offers smooth electric starting. Therefore, you will never require any tool to start this generator. The textured rubber tires make the equipment run efficiently on any surface.

The model also has 9375-watt starting power. Furthermore, this portable power producer has a padded, dual-hinged handle. Hence, this model offers easy pulling or pushing. With 7500-watt power output, this generator runs for almost 11-hours. This generator comes with a backlit LED control panel. This power-producing tool has 240, 120-volt, and 30A outlets. You will get a funnel, engine oil, and assembling tools.


  • Premium grade material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Sturdy grip rollers for enhanced stability.
  • Multi-functional design for comfort.

3-Westinghouse Portable Power Station

Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Power Station 155Wh

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This humanized dual-fuel power generator is the definition of practicality. Therefore, this portable generator makes storage and portability easier for all. Moreover, multiple power outlets fit the needs of any household application. You can use Liquid Petroleum or gasoline to make this generator work. The generator has 120-volt RV and DC outlets. Hence, the system works with various household appliances.

The long tubular handle also helps you to drag this generator easily. Furthermore, the purchase brings you a regulator hose kit. The 7-horsepower motor and 4-stroke OHV engine are responsible for optimal performance. This tank holds up to 20-lbs of LP or gasoline gas. However, you can consistently run this generator for almost 10-hours.


  • Multi-fuel is compatible for uninterrupted performance.
  • Multi-functional design for comfort.
  • Easily maintainable design for improved life potency.

2-Craftsman 3500-Watt Portable Generator

Craftsman 3500 Watt Portable Generator with CO Detection Technology

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The portable generator comes along with a pair of smooth-rolling wheels. Therefore, this power producer has a running power of 3500-watt. Moreover, the dynamo comes with an estimated lifespan of 19-hours. CO detection technology improves the functionality of this generator. The recoiling start produces the highest peak starting power of 4375-watt. This power-producing tool has a robust steel tubular structure.

The generator is capable of running various household appliances. Furthermore, the CO detection technology quickly detects the harmful CO levels. Hence, this model automatically shuts off this machine for safety. The fuel tank of this model holds up to 6-gallons of fuel. This generator has a fold-down handle for smooth gliding.


  • Multi-application design for superior comfort.
  • Cost-effective design for user satisfaction.
  • Improved safety mechanism for superior performance.

1-Sportsman Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN4000DFC, 3500 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts

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The reinforced mechanical structure increases the stability of this portable generator. This generator also has an efficient recoil starting function. Hence, the complication-free manual starting never requires any tool. Moreover, the gasoline-operated model runs without any complication. This pulley start mechanism supports 4000-watt starting power. Unlike other traditional generators, this dynamo produces only 69-dB operational noise.

The portable power producer also has a large gas-fuel tank. You can fill this tank with 3.6-gallons of gasoline. Furthermore, this 3500-watt generator continuously runs for 10-hours. The 7.0-horsepower motor rotates at a maximum speed of 3600-RPM. This generator consists of a 4-stroke OHV engine. Therefore, this model offers low-oil shutting down. This dynamo has outlets for RVs and household appliances.


  • High profile configuration for safety.
  • Ergonomic design for improved fuel capacity
  • Superior class material for longevity.


While buying a portable generator, you should pay attention to the technical specifications. The most important factor is the motor power as it will determine how many appliances it can power at once. Apart from that, the weight of the generator can be a major factor and you should understand all the other parameters well before purchasing.

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