If you are looking to have gorgeous nails, then a nail drill machine can be the perfect product for you. It is easy to use and is available in a complete set. With it, you will be able to transform your nails, and you don’t have to visit a professional salon. A nail drill will ensure there will be an efficient performance, and you can even use it for professional applications. It offers you many options and makes sure there will be custom usage.

When you have a nail drill at home, then you can use it at any time you want. It serves as a perfect investment for creating attractive nails. You will have to consider various factors and then make your buy. To ensure that you get the right product, our team has selected the top 10 best nail drills.


Top 10 Best Nail Drill Reviews

10-MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill

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The multifunctional nail drill kit makes manicure and pedicure time comfortable. You can also use this kit all by yourself. Moreover, the six pieces of metal bits are instantly replaceable. Moreover, you can customize the speed of this machine with precision. You can change the speed from neutral to 20,000-RPM.

This machine is also ideal for doing creative nail arts. Furthermore, you can grind, carve, polish, and cut your nails. You will get six pieces of sanding bands. Nevertheless, the motor runs without making extreme mechanical noises. The reduced vibrations let you hold this machine for a longer time.


  • Instantly cuts acrylic nails.
  • Suitable for filing and grinding nails.
  • Produces no excessive vibrations.

9-Tomight Electric Nail Drill

Tomight Portable Electric Nail Drill

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This nail drill set comes along with a rechargeable USB charger. The model also operates cordlessly. Moreover, you can use your laptops or power banks to recharge this system. This set brings you eleven pieces of metal drill bits and a nailbrush. Nevertheless, the nail grinder can cut, carve, polish, and shape your nails.

This purchase also includes five pieces of sanding bands. Furthermore, the aluminum-alloy construction makes this machine extremely hardwearing. The inbuilt variable speed-adjustable motor comes with a thermal protection system. You can safely do your manicure for hours. However, you can customize the speed settings from 1600 to 20,000-RPM.


  • Suitable for DIY nail arts.
  • The nailbrush is soft and fluffy.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery system.

8-AIRSEE Electric Nail Drill

AIRSEE Portable Electric Nail Drill Professional Efile Kit for Acrylic

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The nail drill machine comes with a powerful motor. The customizable speed settings also allow you to change the motor speed accordingly. Moreover, the premium-quality speed-bearing motor produces lesser vibrations during operations. The rotation switch lets you change the speed from zero to 20,000-RPM. A glass nail file and several shank drill bits are part of this collection.

The handy model also easily fits into your purse. Furthermore, the drill bits come with a quickly replaceable design. The lightweight machine comes along with seven manicure tools. You can use this tool for carving, grinding, polishing, and removing nail polishes. Nevertheless, this kit is suitable for salons, homes, and other spaces.


  • Perfectly works on natural nails.
  • A simple switch for speed adjustment.
  • Has a low profile, heating-dissipating structure.

7-OVX Electric Nail Drill

Portable Electric Nail Drill File Machine with Acrylic Nail Kit Set Professional 20000rpm Manicure Pedicure

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The portable electric nail drill machine is suitable for a home manicure. You can also get the best pedicure by using this kit. Moreover, premium-quality metal prevents the risks of overheating. The aluminum-alloy material construction makes this machine lightweight. However, this machine is deformation-free.

This multifunction kit lets you take off the fake nails. The motor of this model produces lesser noises and vibrations during operation. Furthermore, this kit brings you 106 pieces of sanding bands. Nevertheless, you can instantly remove the acrylic and gel polishes. You can use this machine to remove calluses from your hands and feet.


  • Includes bunches of sanding bands.
  • Ideal for left and right-handed people.
  • The motor runs without excessive vibrations.

6-RedFlow Electric

RedFlow Electric Nail Drill Acrylic Nail kit set

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This nail drill kit consists of an electric acrylic nail grinder. The USB interface also makes this machine quite flexible. Moreover, the heat-dissipating aluminum-alloy construction extends the lifespan of the motor. The pen-type hand-piece offers a good grip over this tool. The smart forward and reverse directions let you conveniently customize the settings.

This lightweight machine also comes with a USB wall charger. The set brings you 11 pieces of quickly changeable nail drill bits. Furthermore, you can use this tool to remove calluses and cuticles. The overheating protection prolongs the lifespan of this model. Nevertheless, this machine can carve, sharpen, and sand your nails.


  • Includes a professional acrylic nail cutter.
  • Comes with forward and reverse buttons.
  • Has a smart rotation speed-controlling switch.

5-Bestidy Electric Nail Drill Kit

Bestidy Best Gift Electric Nail Drill Kit

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The one-button operation lets you customize the speed settings accordingly. The standard USB interference also offers a consistent power supply. Therefore, you can operate this machine without any difficulty. This nail drill machine comes along with an aluminum alloy casing. The heat-dissipating metal construction offers smooth long-term operation.

This professional kit includes six pieces of interchangeable drill bits. Furthermore, the lightweight machine is just the right thing for homemakers. You can change the speed settings from neutral to 20,000-RPM. Nevertheless, this kit can remove gel polishes, cut, grind, and polish nails. You can use this machine almost anywhere and anytime.


  • Has a smart USB interface.
  • A perfect tool for a home manicure.
  • Collects power from laptops and power banks.

4-Makartt Electric

Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine JD700 Professional 30000RPM Manicure Drill

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The acrylic nail grinder includes a high-torque motor. The customizable speed settings also let you adjust the speed from neutral to 30000-RPM. Moreover, the wide speed-adjustable settings let you select your desired speed easily. The nail drill machine works with 100 to 110-volt wall outlets. Nevertheless, the machine is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

This set also includes 30 pieces of sanding bands. The twist-lock chuck system makes the replacement of these drill bits convenient. You can use this tool for removing cuticles and acrylic nail gels. Furthermore, the set brings you 30 pieces of sanding bands for convenient sanding.


  • Offers professional-style nail arts.
  • Gives the best poly gel nail extensions.
  • The drill bits have a twist-lock chuck mechanism.

3-Ejiubas Electric Nail Drills

Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails - Ejiubas Nail Drill Machine 30000rpm

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The acrylic nail toolset has a handy main machine. The aluminum-alloy hand-piece also dissipates heat quicker. Hence, your time-taking manicure time stays uninterrupted. Moreover, the high-speed motor of this machine runs quietly and vibration-freely. The ventilation holes keep the motor safe from overheating. This set has six pieces of professional nail drill bits.

However, this machine includes separate hand and foot modes. Furthermore, the speed controller lets you customize the speed from 3000 to 30,000-RPM. The low-vibrating machine makes operation convenient for users. Nevertheless, the kit is suitable for sharpening, grinding, routing, and more. You can safely use this kit on your natural nails.


  • Consists of a precise high-torque motor.
  • Instantly removes dead skin and calluses.
  • Includes easy forward and reverse buttons.

2-Allen’s Portable Electric Nail Drill

20000RPM Portable Electric Nail Drill

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These fancy pieces of nail drills make your home-spa look gorgeous. The pen-style machine also offers a comfortable grip over this tool. Moreover, the set includes six pieces of multifunctional drill bits. This portable beauty kit lets you get the best acrylic and gel nails at home. However, you can use this handy machine for carving, cutting, carving, and polishing nails.

You can also instantly plug or unplug drill bits. Furthermore, you can change the drill rotating directions accordingly. You can customize the speed from 500 to 20,000-RPM. Nevertheless, this pen-style hand-piece model does not make excessive operational noises.


  • Offers a comfortable grip.
  • Includes multipurpose drill bits.
  • Comes with a direction alterable rotator.

1-JEWHITENY Professional Electric Nail Drill

JEWHITENY Professional Nail Drill Machine 30,000RPM

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This nail drill comes with all the necessary tools for nail drilling. The main machine of this set also produces up to 30,000-RPM of speed. The machine work 110 to 240-volt wall outlets. Moreover, the 56 pieces of sanding bands increase the functionality of this kit. The motor runs without producing unnecessary operational noises.

The low-heat producing machine lets you do your manicure for hours. Furthermore, the adjustable speed function helps you to achieve the best result. This drilling machine has a nail buffer, foot pedal, and a nailbrush. However, the professional-style nail-filing kit is suitable for homes and salons. The handle has the construction of hardwearing aluminum material.


  • Includes settings for variable speed.
  • Supports foot pedal controlling work.
  • Offers instant drill loading or unloading.


You need to see if the nail drill comes in a multifunctional design. It must include all the accessories so that you can use it for a wide range of applications. Consider the speed carefully, and the one that comes with adjustable speed will be a perfect purchase. It must make low vibration and has to be safe to use. Always see if it delivers exceptional performance and comes with a minimum power rating of 15 volts.

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