If you are a plant lover and don’t meet the requirements for keeping plants due to light conditions, then an LED grows light can be your ideal product. LED grow lights provide the perfect lighting that helps to grow plants. It is suitable for growing plants in low light conditions as it helps to encourage the progress of photosynthesis. You can even use it in winter and have a better advantage.

You will have to be very careful while buying LED grow lights. Sodium and fluorescent lamp emits high heat that can be harmful to your plants. You need to consider ample other factors so that there will be fruitful results. To assist you in making the right purchase, our team has handpicked the top 10 best LED grow lights.


Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

10-MARS HYDRO Led Grow Lights

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light 3x3ft Daisy Chain Dimmable Full Spectrum LED

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The LED light comes with a daisy chain, too. You can extend the system up to three growing lamps. Moreover, the full-spectrum LED technology fills your greenhouse with flora and fauna. The commercial-grade growing lamp multiplies the growth of your greenhouse. The lighting fixture runs finely without any fan. The LED grow system rapidly releases heat.

The growing lamp also comes with aluminum housing. Hence, this metal base keeps the LED chips cool. The LED spectrum LED technology produces blue, red, IR, and white lights. Furthermore, the 150-watt model easily replaces the traditional HPS lamps. You can increase the quality of crops. The lighting fixture comes with a dimmable function.


  • Cost-effective design for consumer comfort.
  • Environment-friendly configuration for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Improved safety design for a comfortable experience.

9-HONORSEN LED Grow Lights

HONORSEN 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light

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The 1500-watt LED grow light supports trees to have faster growth. You can also use this lighting fixture for your greenhouses. Moreover, the 3.0-mm thick aluminum plate radiator offers rapid heat dissipation. Additionally, the growing lamp includes a high-speed, silent fan. Therefore, the light performs better than ordinary models. This light has a maximum working temperature range of 50 to 60-degree Fahrenheit.

You can easily replace the old 1000-watt HPS or MH lamps. Furthermore, full-spectrum LED technology delivers a beneficial red light.  You can use this lamp for indoor vegetable, fruit, and flower plantations. This light produces IR, red, blue, and white beams. The lamp works like magic for accelerating the growth of your plants.


  • Multicolor and power design for performance.
  • Effortlessly installable design for consumer comfort.
  • Eco-friendly design for enhanced satisfaction.

8-Exlenvce LED Grow Lights

Exlenvce 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

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The LED grow light comes along with triple-chips. Therefore, this lighting fixture also offers better operation than double chips. Moreover, the light covers an area up to 70X70-inch. The 15-watt LED diodes increase the lifespan of this light. The daisy chain design is compatible with multiple light setups. The 1200-watt growing lamp boosts the growth of the plants.

You can add up to three lights with the daisy chain. Furthermore, you can use the bloom and veg channels separately or together. Therefore, you can promote the rapid growth of your greenhouse plants. This fixture makes a perfect replacement for 1200-watt MH or HPS lamp. The energy-efficient model helps your plants to yield faster than ever.


  • Multi-application design for consumer comfort.
  • Enhanced safety design for user satisfaction.
  • Easy fix design for a comfortable experience.


BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

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This purchase includes an LED grow light and a daisy chain. The lighting fixture also comes along with a low-profile aluminum plate radiator. Therefore, the growing lamp dissipates the heat in no time. The lamp works within the temperature range of 50 to 60-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, the lamp includes veg and bloom switches.

Hence, this light also supports plant growth throughout the entire stage. Furthermore, the daisy chain lets you add multiple lights. Full-spectrum LED technology offers rapid tree growth. The glass of this fixture offers better heat convection. You can switch between bloom mode as well as veg mode easily.  The combination of bloom and veg modes promotes both blooming and yielding.


  • Ergonomic design for improved coverage area.
  • Sturdy construction for a long-lasting experience.
  • Temperature-friendly design for superior comfort.

6-GREENGO LED Grow Lights

1200w LED Grow Light with Veg&Bloom

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The LED grow light comes along with multiple switches. Hence, you can choose between bloom and veg buttons. This lighting fixture lets you easily choose between red and blue light. Moreover, this growing light comes along with a steel hanger hook. Hence, this hanger hook keeps your floor space clutter-free. The triple-chip LEDs work better than the double diodes.

The daisy chain also works with most of the cords. Therefore, you can extend the lighting system accordingly. The adjustable rope hanger makes assembly trouble-free for individuals. The inbuilt aluminum housing rapidly dissipates heat. This growing lamp comes along with a speed-adjustable cooling fan. You can conveniently adjust the speed up to three different levels.


  • Environment-friendly design for superior comfort.
  • Multi-application design for added satisfaction.
  • Ergonomic design for improved coverage area.

5-VIVOSUN LED Grow Lights

VIVOSUN 2020 Latest VS1000 LED Grow Light

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The LED grow light comes along with a polished finish. The reusable lighting fixture also comes with powerful Samsung diodes. Therefore, the diodes offer even heat distribution. Moreover, the LED chips produce no excessive heat. However, this fixture does not produce excessive noise during operation. The warm white light promotes faster plant blooming. Hence, this model makes your flowers bloom to the fullest.

Sun-like full-spectrum technology also delivers consistent lighting every time. Furthermore, the solid aluminum housing offers constant heat dissipation. The suspension system keeps the light stable in any condition. This growing lamp comes with an advanced dimmable function. The lighting fixture has a reinforced hanging rod to save space.


  • Effortlessly installable design for consumer comfort.
  • Cost-effective design with enhanced output.
  • Dynamic control design for efficient functioning.

4-AOPO LED Grow Lights

AOPO LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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The dimmable function is suitable for the growth of different plants. Therefore, this growing lamp also fits the needs of commercial-grade greenhouses. The advanced full-spectrum technology supports the healthy growth of trees at every stage. Moreover, the premium-quality LEDs offer uniform light distribution. Hence, this energy-efficient model offers 2.7-lumens of brightness output.

The aluminum-alloy heat-dissipating board also offers quick heat dissipation. Furthermore, this ordinary LED grow light never requires any fan. Therefore, this light runs smoothly without producing any noise. The dimmable knob lets you adjust the brightness of the beam accordingly. The IR LED looks ultra-slim. Hence, these IR diodes offer rapid yielding. The sturdy casing keeps the cables safe from corroding.


  • User-friendly design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Sturdy design for enhanced durability.
  • Easy weight and transferable design for added comfort.

3-King Plus Double Chips LED

King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

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The LED grow light comes along with a silent, multi-speed fan. Therefore, this light lasts for years while maintaining the quiet greenhouse atmosphere. Moreover, this fixture has a veg or bloom switch. Hence, you can control the illumination for every stage of plant growth. The upgraded aluminum radiators keep the temperature of this light stable.

This model has a working temperature range of 50 to 60-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the full-spectrum LED light has every color. Hence, this light promotes the perfect growth of the plants at every stage. The grow lamp consists of a double-chip 10-watt LED system for brighter illumination. Therefore, this lighting fixture is an ideal alternative to the 1400-watt HPS.


  • Powerhouse construction for improved coverage.
  • Dynamic safety construction for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Multi-functional design for a comfortable experience.


SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light 5'x5' Flower Compatible

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The aluminum housing never crosses the comforting temperature levels. Hence, you can use this LED grow light for your private greenhouse. Moreover, this corded electric model comes with high-quality Samsung LEDs. Therefore, this energy-efficient lighting fixture is suitable to use all year round. The high-density aluminum board dissipates heat rapidly. Hence, this lighting fixture lasts for years.

This plantation light only consumes 450-watt power. Hence, you can fix this light in almost every gardening space. Furthermore, the full-spectrum LED light delivers each color with precision. This lighting fixture produces the best red light. The IR light accelerates the speed of blooming. This light comes with a customizable dimming function.


  • Advanced functional design for superior comfort.
  • Energy-saving configuration for consumer satisfaction.
  • Advanced heat-dissipating technology for a comfortable experience.

1-Bloom Plus LED Grow Lights

Bloom Plus LED Grow Light BP3000 Newest Grow Lights 5x5 ft Full Spectrum LED

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This dimmable plant growing lamps consist of premium-quality Samsung diodes. The high-quality chips offer throughout illumination. Hence, this light never leaves a spot dark. Moreover, the 5X5-feet full-spectrum LED lighting fixture efficiently increases the production of fruits. This growing lamp is a perfect addition to a commercial-grade greenhouse. The full-spectrum lighting fixture offers better photosynthesis.

Therefore, plants can grow to the fullest. The light does not produce any static noise during the illumination hours. Furthermore, the dimmable driver lets you precisely adjust the brightness accordingly. The water-resistant LED board is suitable to use in wet locations. This lighting fixture includes a large heat-dissipating plate sink. This entire model offers a simple plug-n-play configuration.


  • Eco-friendly technology for improved satisfaction.
  • Premium quality material for enhanced durability.
  • Easy operational user-friendly installable design for comfort.



While buying LED grow lights you will have to see what are you growing for photosynthetically active radiation. You need to see what type of LED you require as it can come with blooming lights or full-spectrum lights. Apart from this, you will have to know your space and get the size and shape according to the growing area. Some can also come with adjustable output spectrum setting options. You will have to see if it is safe to use and comes with a proper cooling system.

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