In golf, laser rangefinders help to determine the distance of an object. It works with the principle of time of flight and uses an infrared laser beam. You can use it anywhere in the world and have a better advantage. A golf laser rangefinder eliminates the need for downloading any maps. It is easy to use, and you can even use it for personal purposes. With it, the distance reading is done within seconds.

The internet is flooded with multiple types of golf laser rangefinders. You will require expert assistance if you are buying it for the first time. These are the top 10 best golf laser rangefinders by our team that will guide you in making the perfect buy. You can compare many features and have many options.


Top 10 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Reviews

10-PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition

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The inbuilt slope technology lets you adjust the distance automatically. By eliminating the interferences, this golf laser rangefinder also offers accurate measurements. Moreover, this equipment comes with a fast focus system. Hence, you never have to waste time while adjusting the focus. The pulse vibration technology vibrates automatically after acquiring the targets accurately. Nevertheless, this model offers correct flag acquisition.

The inbuilt 6X optics also offers clear images every time. Furthermore, this equipment is a combination of speed, accuracy, size, and verification. The slope-switch technology adjusts the distance according to the inclination or declination of holes. However, the automatic shut-off function stops this machine after 8-seconds of inactivation. This device has a measuring range of 6 to 500-yards.


  • Uses flag acquisition technology.
  • Includes automatic turn-off function.
  • Consists of built-in crystal-clear optics.

9-Callaway Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinders

Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder

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The accurate slope measurement lets you find out the target quickly. This golf laser rangefinder also accompanies an accurate laser sensor. Hence, you can get rid of interferences while finding targets. Moreover, the 6X magnification function lets you have the correct target every time. This equipment comes with smart pin-locking technology. You can calculate the distance in both meters and yards.

The short-vibrating pulses also assure the accurate acquisition of targets. Furthermore, this device lets you pin up to 300-yards of distance. This equipment has a measuring range of 5 to 1000-yards. Nevertheless, the specialized scan functionality offers the best targets on the shots. The multi-target function randomly targets multiple spots at once.


  • Consists of a highly accurate laser.
  • Works with a wide measuring range.
  • Comes with pin acquisition technology.

8-Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting

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This multifunctional rangefinder is suitable for hunting, bow hunting, and other activities. However, this golf laser rangefinder also comes with multi-coated optic lenses. Hence, this equipment offers the best light transmittance. The slope function acquires targets correctly on downhill or uphill. Nevertheless, the physical slope switch makes this model legal for golf tournaments.

The pin-seeking function also includes the vibration feature. Furthermore, the equipment has a measuring range of 5 to 650-yards. This model offers the best and accurate distance measurement. However, the flagpole-locking vibration function works within the distance of 150-yards. The adjustable diopter lets you have a clear focus on the display. This model has an angle-range compensation technology for accurate acquisition.


  • Consists of a physical slope switch.
  • Comes with a wide measuring range.
  • Includes a functional flagpole locking function.

7-TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - with Battery

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The plastic-derived construction makes this golf laser rangefinder exceptionally hardwearing. This rangefinder also works within a distance of 540-yards. Moreover, the rain-resistant construction extends the lifespan of this module. This lightweight equipment comes with a continuous scan mode. Therefore, you can acquire multiple targets at once. The low battery indicator helps you to change the battery on time.

The advanced pin-seeker technology also provides more or less accuracy. Furthermore, you can measure targets without overlapping subjects. Therefore, you can measure golf flags accurately every time. This equipment consists of a 6X monocular lens. Nevertheless, this lens has multiple layers of coatings for clear images. You can use this rangefinder for hunting or surveying.


  • Reduces the risks of overlapping objects.
  • The monocular lens has multiple coatings.
  • Supports continuous measurement for easy measuring.

6-Blue Tees Golf Series Laser Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder for Golf 800 Yards Range - Slope Measurement

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The 6X magnification function makes this golf laser rangefinder quite functional. The water-resistant construction also offers exceptional durability. Moreover, the long-range vibration lock accurately has target acquisition. Hence, after acquiring targets precisely, this model vibrates automatically. This rangefinder is suitable for any weather condition. However, the continuous arc technology automatically locks targets on downhill or uphill.

This handheld scope also has a measuring distance of up to 800-yards. Furthermore, the hard-sided carrying case keeps this device safe from damages. The flag-lock technology comes along with a laser distance sensor. Hence, you will always have the best aim on the shots. The HD clear display shows accurate positioning every time.


  • Comes with continuous arc technology.
  • Automatically detects inclines and declines.
  • Suitable to use during all weather conditions.

5-WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder, 650 Yards Laser Distance Finder with Slope

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Powered by 6X magnification, this golf laser rangefinder offers accurate distance measurement. This rangefinder is also capable of measuring targets up to 650-yards. Moreover, the attached battery cover design never goes missing. This equipment supports flagpole locking up to 180-yards. Nevertheless, you can select between yard and meter modes accordingly. This equipment has fog and speed modes.

You can also use this equipment for hunting and other purposes. Furthermore, the flagpole-locking mode increases the practicality of this tool. You can fix the measuring range from 5 to 650-yards. However, the vibration sensor automatically vibrates after acquiring the target. This rangefinder comes with a laser distance finder. The slope-adjusted distances help to enhance your golf skills.


  • Includes automatic shut-off function.
  • Uses laser technique for measuring distance.
  • Comes with flagpole locking mode with vibration.

4-ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder

ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder, 650 Yards Range Finder for Golfers

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With a measuring range of 650-yards, this golf laser rangefinder supports 6X magnification. This equipment is also capable of finding flagpole instantly. Moreover, this tool comprises a laser rangefinder. Therefore, this model automatically discards the small objects as interference. You will always have accurate distance calculation by using this equipment. The provided USB charging cable makes charging convenient on the go.

There is an intercepted filter layer inside the optical system. Furthermore, after getting the target, this rangefinder vibrates automatically. This equipment comes with 905-NM laser tube technology. Hence, you can shield your eyes against excessive emissions of laser power. This model automatically shuts off after 6-seconds of inactivation.


  • Locks the target on the flags.
  • Comes with safe laser tube technology.
  • Uses laser technology for measurement.

3-Nikon Coolshot Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot 20i GII Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder

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After performing multiple measurements, this rangefinder automatically shows the finest range. This model also has an active working range of 6 to 800-yards. Moreover, this golf laser rangefinder comes along with a dual display. The rainproof design makes this equipment unthinkably hardwearing. However, the 6X optical monocular comes with multiple layers of coating. Hence, you will always get clear images in any light condition.

The long eye-relief also allows golfers to use this rangefinder with sunglasses. Furthermore, you can precisely aim the target on far downhill or uphill. The straight-line distances and slope adjustments make measuring accurate every time. Nevertheless, this equipment supports both single and continuous measurements for instant target acquisition.


  • The optical monocular has multiple coatings.
  • Has an eyepiece focus diopter for exact vision.
  • Consists of a dual display for quick measurements.

2-Raythor Pro GEN Golf Rangefinder

Raythor Pro GEN S2 Golf Rangefinder

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This golf laser rangefinder comes with a physical slope switch. Hence, this unit also provides players with a wide measuring distance. The short vibration after shooting the target lets golfers know their success. Moreover, this rangefinder has target acquisition technology for the accurate target position. Apart from that, this model comes with angle range compensation.

However, this model is also a legal rangefinder for tournament participants. Furthermore, the inbuilt slope technology lets you accurately adjust the distance. You can flexibly target the shot according to the inclination or declination of holes. The pin sensor with pulse vibration vibrates after measuring the target correctly. This model includes the continuous scanning function for calculating multiple targets simultaneously.


  • Includes a functional physical slope switch.
  • Comes with a pin sensor for pulse vibration.
  • Offers continuous multiple targets scanning.

1-Precision Pro Golf Laser Rangefinders

Precision Pro Golf NX9 Golf Laser Rangefinder

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This golf laser rangefinder comes along with 6X magnification settings. The provided carrying case also assures the safety of this equipment. Moreover, the non-slope rangefinder lets you have accurate distance measurements. This device comes with a maximum range of 400-yard. Nevertheless, the shockproof design increases the practicality of this tool. This set includes a battery, lanyard, and a cleaning cloth.

The water-resistant material construction also makes this equipment ultra-durable. Furthermore, the crystal-clear optics offers the best view every time. The inbuilt magnetic cart mount lets you keep this device close to your hands. However, this rangefinder is the best pick for golfers with shaky hands. The pulse vibration technology helps golfers to know about their hit targets.


  • Comes with a shockproof exterior.
  • Has an inbuilt magnetic cart mount.
  • Utilizes pulse vibration technology.


There are different factors a buyer has to look at before purchasing. The accuracy is the most important parameter and it also determines the quality of the laser rangefinder. Apart from that, you need to watch out for durability, battery life, display, and controls. Keeping all such factors in mind, we have selected the best golf laser rangefinders.

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