People who are conscious about fitness need to have the right gear. An exercise mat served as an ideal accessory that allows you to perform different types of workouts. It comes in a highly functional design and you can even use it for yoga, Pilates, or circuit training fan. Exercise mats offer you multiple options and let you have better comfort. It has a lightweight construction and you can use it from anywhere you want.

Exercise mats deliver exceptional performance and can last for a long time. You will have to see if it is the perfect one for you and meets all your needs. Here are the top 10 best exercise mats by our team that will allow you to compare from different designs.


Top 10 Best Exercise Mats Reviews

10-Gxmmat Large Exercise Mats

Gxmmat Large Exercise Mat 6'x4'x7mm, Thick Workout Mats for Home Gym Flooring

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This exercise mat lets you perform exercises with or without footwear. The thick micro-foam also offers optimal resilience. Therefore, you can have extra support on your back, knees, and joints. Moreover, the 7mm high-density memory foam provides enough cushioning and stability. This foam rug is free of toxins, latex, silicone, and phthalates. You can perform Zumba, weightlifting, jump rope, and more.

The pack also brings you a pair of gym gloves. Furthermore, the matrix-circle underside ensures the stability of this rug. Hence, exercisers can perform stretches, cardio, and other exercises. The foam mat resists scratches, tears, abrasions, and more. However, the rollaway design lets you carry this yoga rug with no issues.


  • Multi-application design for greater comfort.
  • Advanced weather-friendly and ultra-weightless design.
  • Color variant with enhanced resistive features.

9-HemingWeigh Thick Foam Exercise Mat

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

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The exercise mat has the construction of Nitrile rubber. The 7.9-inch super-thick padded cushion also offers the best resilience. Moreover, the rollaway design lets you carry this yoga rug with no hassle. The double-sided, slip-resistant texture ensures the stability of this mat. Nevertheless, the mat ensures safety for individuals. The long, broad space lets solo yogis perform yoga with ease.

You can also use this mat for doing stretches and Pilates. Furthermore, ridged design increases the traction of the rug. The thick yet firm foam supports your joints, knees, and back. Therefore, you can perform exercises without stressing your body. The self-strapping system offers trouble-free portability. This mat is long-lasting, latex, and toxin-free.


  • Finest quality material for long-lasting durability.
  • Enhanced versatile use design for improved comfort.
  • Ergonomic spacious design for a comfortable experience.

8-BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom 2" Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat with Carrying Handles for MMA

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The triple-panel folding design makes this exercise mat exceptionally handy. This yoga rug also comes with 2-inch thick and firm foam construction. Moreover, the high-density EVA foam offers exceptional rebound resilience. The inbuilt handles let you carry this mat to yoga classes effortlessly. This lightweight mat in the folding condition does not consume excessive space.

The 6X2-feet yoga mat also lets you perform different forms of workouts. The surface of this rug has the construction of puncture-resistant, non-absorbing vinyl. This mat allows you to perform Pilates, martial arts, aerobics, and more. You can use soap and water to keep this mat clean. Furthermore, the exceptional resilience makes balancing trouble-free for all.


  • Advanced resistive construction for enhanced durability.
  • Dynamic multi-use design for additional comfort.
  • Superior quality material for high-class performance.

7-ProsourceFit Excercise Puzzle Mat

ProsourceFit Excercise Puzzle Mat

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The puzzle exercise mat set covers a space up to 24-square feet. However, the foam pads offer exceptional resilience or cushioning. These mats also have the construction of high-density EVA foam.  Moreover, the skid-resistant foam tiles come with a textured finish. Hence, these mats do not slip on different surfaces. The thick and firm foam tiles reduce noises. Nevertheless, these gym mats assure safety for everyone.

The rubber tread design also helps you to perform balancing exercises safely. Furthermore, the foam mats are non-toxic and contain no phthalates. These lightweight rubber pads are easy to assemble or disassemble. The end borders keep the pads in a proper place. However, these rubber mats offer resistance against water.


  • Advanced resistive design and easily storable.
  • Premium quality fabric for enhanced durability.
  • Dynamic multi-functional design for improved comfort.

6-SPRI Pro Exercise Mats

SPRI Pro Exercise Mat for Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching & Floor Exercises

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The fitness mat comes with a simple rollaway design. Therefore, this yoga rug also makes storage and portability hassle-free. Moreover, the padded mat is suitable for complete or partial body activities. Nevertheless, this thick padded rug is ideal for gyms and other spaces. The textured top and bottom surfaces never let the mat skid.

Therefore, you can use this yoga rug for solo exercises. Furthermore, the waterproof top surface resists moisture and sweat. You can also use a damp cloth to keep this rug clean. However, you can perform Pilates, stretching, and other forms of workouts. With a thickness of 5/8-inch, the mat offers enough cushioning. The proper cushioning never leaves your joints and knees achy.


  • Superior grade fabric for life-long stability.
  • Advanced feather-weight and dust-resistant design.
  • Dynamic multi-functional and reversible design.

5-MRO Premium Large Exercise Mats

Premium Large Exercise Mat 6' x 4.5' x 7mm

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The 7mm thick exercise mat comes along with double-sided slip-resistant texture. You will have a proper grip and increased traction on this rug. Moreover, the 6X4.5-feet gym mat is suitable for planks, Zumba, and workouts. The kit includes a jumping rope, a microfiber towel, and a carrying bag. This rug involves the construction of toxin, phthalates, latex, and silicone-free material.

The top and bottom layers also come with a textured grip. Therefore, the yoga mat comes with resilience yet firm foam. The rollaway design lets you carry or store this mat with ease. You can use this yoga pad with or without wearing shoes. The tear-resistant rubber construction never usually wears even after years of use.


  • Finest quality material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Advanced weightless design and resistive structure.
  • Effortlessly maintainable and multi-functional design.

4-RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat

RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat 7 x 5 feet (84" x 60" x 1/4") 6 mm Thick & High

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The thick yet resilient rubber construction makes this exercise mat ultra-durable. The practice mat also feels thick yet soft. Moreover, the high-density sponge rubber does not easily crack, break, or deform. The rubber rug is a combination of flexibility and rigidity. This purchase includes a pair of magic belts as a bonus. With a thickness of 6mm, this gym mat offers enough space for solo yoga.

You can do aerobics, Zumba, jumping rope, and other forms of workouts. Furthermore, the rubber sponge releases no stinky odor. You can also place this mat on carpets, hardwoods, and other floors. The slip-resistant bottom and top surfaces ensure your safety while performing exercises.


  • Improved spacious and easy weight design for mobility.
  • High-grade material for sturdy and robust effect.
  • Advanced resistive qualities and easily maintainable.

3-TOPLUS Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Yoga Mat - Classic 1/4 inch Pro Yoga Mat Eco Friendly Non Slip Fitness Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap-Workout Mat for Yoga

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This exercise mat involves the construction of hardwearing TPE material. Moreover, the skid-resistant, textured back keeps this rug stable on any ground. With excellent rebound resilience, the rug does not easily deform. However, the top surface comes with a textured finish. Hence, you can perform weightlifting, dance, yoga, and other sorts of exercises.

Furthermore, the waterproof construction feels ultra-light and breathable to the skin. To keep this mat clean, you do not have to struggle. This eco-friendly carpet comes with a 1⁄4-inch maximum thickness. You can also practice balancing yoga without any difficulty. The right cushioning, however, keeps your knees and joints fatigue-free. This mat is suitable for putting on floors of wood, stone, and ceramic.


  • Unique resistant construction for longer life span.
  • Premium quality material for strength and stability.
  • Advanced multi-purpose design for improved comfort.

2-AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Exercise Mat

AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Exercise Mat 6' x 4' x 7mm

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With a thickness of 7mm, this exercise mat offers a thick cushioning. Hence, the high-density mat is also suitable for different types of exercises. Moreover, the yoga rug lets you have a smoother and safer landing. This tear-resistant yoga rug is perfect to use with or without shoes.  The gymnastics mat offers the best grip over different surfaces.

The firm yet soft upper layer also feels skin-friendly and breathable. Furthermore, this purchase brings you a jump rope and a carrying pouch. You can perform weightlifting, MMA, yoga, solo exercise, and more. The rollaway design makes this gym mat easy to pack and carry. However, the skid-resistant bottom keeps the ain a proper place.


  • Advanced skin-friendly design for a healthy experience.
  • Capacious design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Superior quality material for enhanced durability.

1-RitFit Folding Exercise Mats

RitFit Upgraded Folding Exercise Mat, 2 Inch Thick Gymnastics Mat

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This exercise mat folds down into a compact carrying case. The travel-friendly mat makes outdoor yoga sessions convenient. Moreover, the triple-layer padding makes this tumbling mat exceptionally thick. The slip-resistant top and bottom layers keep you stable while balancing. This mat has the construction of highly resistant EPE foam. Hence, this folding mat feels breathable and soft to your skin.

Nevertheless, the eco-friendly yoga rug never emits a bad smell. Furthermore, the 3-panel design offers easy folding and unfolding. The waterproof PU leather upholstery repels moisture and sweat. The 2-inch thick mat is perfect for stretching, yoga, and core workouts. To clean off sweat or dirt, you can use a damp rag.


  • Improved multi-functional design for greater comfort.
  • Unique weather-friendly and effortlessly storable design.
  • Finest quality material for longer sturdy life.


The size is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying an exercise mat. Consider investing in the one that offers perfect coverage and comes with high-density EVA foam for maximum performance. It must have improved shock absorbency and must be suitable for different types of floor surfaces. Apart from this, you can see if it is suitable for different purposes and allow you to have hassle-free storage. It must offer you have better comfort and let you use it for a long time.


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