Servicing your air conditioner is very important so that there will be optimal performance. For this, you can make use of AC vacuum pumps. It works by removing unwanted water vapor and air. You can even use it to remove the refrigerant before repairing it. An AC vacuum pump comes with multiple features so that you can make the maximum out of it. It has a strong airflow, and you can find one that can come with multiple accessories.

While looking for an AC vacuum pump, you will come across many models on the internet. For a first-time buyer, it can be very challenging. To ensure that you get the right product, our team has come up with the top 10 best AC vacuum pumps. This will let you compare different features so that they will meet all your needs.


Top 10 Best AC Vacuum Pumps Reviews

10-XtremepowerUS 1/4HP Air Vacuum Pump

XtremepowerUS 3CFM 1/4HP Air Vacuum Pump HVAC R134a R12 R22 R410a A/C

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Provided with color-coded hoses, this set makes the selections of correct pressure instant. This AC vacuum pump also has a travel-friendly carrying tote. This tool has an easy oil-fill port for quick refilling and cleaning. Moreover, the single-stage vacuum pump comes with an internal fan. Hence, this equipment offers consistent cooling to increase performance.

The die-cast aluminum-alloy casing also keeps the mechanism cool. Furthermore, the bottom drain plug drains the oil without any hassle. This module is suitable for diagnosing and maintaining AC systems. There are brass-fitting tethered safety caps to lessen oil leakage. Nevertheless, the spillage meter lets you keep the oil levels accurate. This purchase includes a bottle of vacuum oil.


  • Has a reduced oil leakage mechanism.
  • Comes with a complication-free oil-fill port.
  • Consists of a spillage meter for proper oil levels.

9-Robinair VacuMaster Vacuum Pump

Robinair (15310) VacuMaster Single Stage Vacuum Pump - Single-Stage, 3 CFM

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With 3-CFM of free air displacement, this model offers constant airflow. This single-stage AC vacuum pump works best for air-conditioning systems. You can also use this model for refrigeration services. The inlet fitting increases the air circulation without the chances of leakage. Moreover, this machine has an oil tank of 8.5-ounce capacity. Nevertheless, the skid-resistant feet keep this machine stable during the operation.

Featured with a single-stage rotary vane design, this module also supports consistent vacuuming. Furthermore, the inlet fitting never lets oil leak. Hence, this machine maintains an optimal performance every time. There are finned aluminum surfaces to disperse the heat. However, this design keeps this pump cool throughout the operation.


  • The inlet fitting increases the airflow.
  • Ideal for refrigeration and AC services.
  • Comes with a thermally protected motor.

8-NewPosition 1/3HP AC Vacuum Pumps

NewPosition 4CFM 1/3HP Air Vacuum Pump HVAC A/C Refrigeration Tool Kit AC

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Powered by a copper motor, this air vacuum pump runs complication-freely. A complication-free oil-fill port also offers consistent filling. Moreover, the die-cast aluminum casing dispels the heat in no time. This model consists of a 1/3-horsepower motor to provide 4-CFM free air displacement. However, the oil reservoir has an oil drain plug at the bottom. Hence, this reservoir offers quick drainage.

This machine is also responsible for repairing AC systems. Furthermore, the oil sight glass lets you monitor the oil level accurately. This single-stage rotary air vacuum pump has multi-colored hoses. Nevertheless, the high-volume cooling fan keeps the internal mechanism cool. This machine includes airtight brass-fitting tethered safety caps to prevent leakage.


  • Consists of a silent cooling fan.
  • Includes brass-fitting tethered safety caps.
  • Ideal for refrigeration systems of different stages.

7-VIVOHOME Rotary Vane Air Vacuum Pumps

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An included plastic case makes this AC vacuum pump travel-friendly. This module also serves the best for maintaining air conditioning systems. Moreover, the color-coded hoses make the identification of pressure sides stress-free. By using this tool, you can remove moisture before refilling refrigerants. Nevertheless, an ergonomic handle offers stress-free portability. The gauge set makes this unit suitable for home air-conditioning models.

You will also get a bottle of vacuum oil with this set. Furthermore, the closable exhaust spout prevents the leakage of the oil. The large oil intake makes refilling trouble-free as well. You can monitor the oil levels by viewing into the large oil reservoir. However, the mesh vent drives out the heat rapidly.


  • Has a heat-dissipating metal vent.
  • Includes a sealable exhaust spout.
  • Removes moisture before refilling refrigerants.

6-BACOENG Professional Vacuum Pump

BACOENG Professional Vacuum Pump & Manifold Gauge Set - HVAC A/C Refrigeration Kit

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You will get a four-valve manifold set with this vacuum pump. The color-coded hoses also let you find out the right pressure instantly. Moreover, you will require no spare adapters for the vacuuming process. Backed by a ¼-horsepower motor, this module provides 3.5-CFM of air displacement. Nevertheless, a 4-way gauge offers the best pressure adjustment.

The cast-aluminum housing also dissipates the heat swiftly. Furthermore, this vacuum pump has a maximum bursting pressure of 4000-PSI. This module has an aluminum can tap with a ¼-inch male port. However, the quick evacuation function increases the practicality of this equipment. This kit is ideal for repairing automotive and HVAC systems. This thermally protected motor offers easy starting.


  • Provides exceptional burst air pressure.
  • This motor delivers effortlessly starting.
  • Comes along with four color-coded hoses.

5-AUTOGEN 2-Stage Air Vacuum Pumps

AUTOGEN 2-Stage Air Vacuum Pump 5CFM 3/4HP 0.3 Pa for HVAC/AUTO AC Refrigerant Recharging

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A slip-resistant cushioned handle offers hassle-free portability. This AC vacuum pump also comes along with a ¼-inch flare intake port. Moreover, this module is very much functional. Hence, this tool is suitable for automobile reparation, vacuum packaging, and more. This module offers 5-CFM of free air displacement. Nevertheless, the two-stage air vacuum pump is ideal for medicine mechanisms.

You can also utilize this tool for degassing wine and processing food. Furthermore, the heat-dissipating aluminum-alloy casing elongates the lifespan of this model. The oil fill port offers both hassle-free pouring and cleaning. However, this vacuum pump has an oil tank of 14.48-oz capacity. A skid-resistant base assures the stability of this machine during operation.


  • Suitable for various vacuum evacuations.
  • Comes with a heat-dissipating metal casing.
  • Perfectly works in lower ambient temperature.

4-Robinair VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump

Robinair 15800 VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump - 2-Stage, 8 CFM, CHROME

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This AC vacuum pump has a 1-horsepower thermally protected motor. This model also has a two-stage rotary vane design. Therefore, you can flexibly use this tool for repairing commercial refrigeration. This vacuum pump provides up to 8-CFM of air displacement. Moreover, you will get 1/8 and ¼-inch MFL inlet fittings. The oil tank can hold up to 18.6-ounces of oil at once.

The finned aluminum surfaces rapidly dissipate the heat. Furthermore, this vacuum pump comes along with a secured inlet fitting. Hence, this module significantly reduces the backflow of the air. This machine comes with slip-resistant feet to prevent shifting. Nevertheless, the oil drain valve at the bottom offers quick oil removal.


  • Comes with an airtight inlet fitting.
  • Includes a thermally protected motor.
  • Has heat-dissipating finned aluminum surfaces.

3-VIVOHOME Single Stage Air Vacuum Pumps

VIVOHOME 110V 1/3 HP 4CFM Single Stage Rotary Vane Air Vacuum Pump and R134a AC

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Suitable for air conditioning systems, this AC vacuum pump makes repairing complication-free. This model also keeps out excessive moisture before refilling refrigerants. Moreover, the single-stage pump comes along with a leak detector. This tool also comes with an ergonomic handle. Hence, you can hold this vacuum pump firmly. However, the color-coded hoses let you quickly recognize them.

With this purchase, you will also receive a manifold gauge set. Therefore, this module only measures the pressure in refrigerant equipment. This manufacturer includes a bottle of vacuum oil for convenience. Furthermore, this tool is useful for maintaining various air conditioning systems. A provided carrying bag lets you carry this set to your workspaces.


  • Includes a large oil intake port.
  • Comes with color-coded air pressure hoses.
  • Works with different air conditioning systems.

2-ZENY Single-Stage Economy Vacuum Pump

ZENY 3,5CFM Single-Stage 5 Pa Rotary Vane Economy Vacuum Pump 3 CFM 1/4HP

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Constructed with a hardwearing aluminum-alloy casing, this module is suitable for commercial purposes. Hence, this casing drastically reduces the noises and vibrations. The tool works within the pressure range of zero to 400-PSI. Moreover, this manufacturer provides users with a bottle of vacuum oil. The AC vacuum pump also has a slip-resistant handle for safe transportability.

This HVAC air tool comes with a ¼-inch inlet port for flexibility. Furthermore, the direct-drive motor supports effortless starting every time. There is an internal cooling fan to make this pump work consistently. This tool has an oil sight glass. Therefore, you can quickly monitor the oil levels of the vacuum pump. Nevertheless, this single-stage model produces up to 3-CFM air circulation.


  • Includes a ¼-inch inflate port.
  • Consists of a direct-drive motor.
  • Comes with an internal cooling fan.

1-Elitech AC Vacuum Pumps

Elitech SVP-7 Vacuum Pump 7 CFM 2 Stage Intelligent HVAC Refrigerant Recharging

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With a cleaning capacity of 7-CFM, this HVAC refrigerant recharger works efficiently. Equipped with intelligent control, this machine automatically senses the system’s capacity. Moreover, the 4-inch touch-sensitive screen always shows accurate vacuum data. This AC vacuum pump also automatically controls the solenoid valve and motor. To broaden the lifespan, this module monitors the oil tank, motor efficiency.

However, the smartphone application keeps track of vacuum data precisely. You will also obtain an estimated task completion time after analyzing. Hence, this tool keeps you updated regarding the HVAC refrigerant recharging time. Furthermore, the graph guide exactly guesses the leakage status. By checking the mobile application, you can thoroughly monitor the vacuuming process.


  • Correctly predicts the completion time.
  • Automatically monitors the solenoid valve.
  • Points out the accurate leakage status.


There are different types of AC vacuum pumps available with different types of specifications. Each one of these has a specific application and as a buyer, you should be aware of the technical parameters involved. To compare these products based on those parameters and purchase as you think fit.

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